About Ann Khambatta

I am mixed race, my father was Parsi Indian, my mother is German and I’m the first of my family to be born and brought up in the UK. I grew up in rural Northamptonshire and spent over 25 years living & working in London.

Working with various ‘minority’  sections of the community – Black and ethnic minority, women’s, lesbian and gay, people with disabilities to develop services that met that section of the community’s own needs or to push for local statutory sector services to meet the needs of their changing local populations.

Resident in Dorset since 1999, I worked in the community with Dorset Community Action, before becoming Director of Dorset Race Equality Council for 5 years. In this role I worked with statutory organisations – the Police, health trusts, local authorities to develop race equality initiatives and support local agencies to act on the requirements of the 2001 Race Relations (Amendment) Act. I also provided individual advice to community members experiencing discrimination or harassment.

In 2004 I established Making Waves – training & consultancy and I am the lead trainer and consultant in equality, diversity and human rights delivering training and consultancy services to a range of public and third sector organisations.

Since 2004 I have also fostered children and young people between the ages of 8 and 18 years and regularly supervise contact between children in care and their birth families for a local authority.